Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Petition

To: President-Elect Barack Obama

We citizens of The United States of America request the appointment of Michael Pollan to the Office of Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of America.

Through his academic lectures and papers, published books and articles Mr. Pollan has proven capable of gathering wide-ranging research, organizing it into a coherent whole and reaching non-biased conclusions. This research has provided him a unique understanding of the history, development, and contemporary practices of U.S. Agriculture and its relationship to the health of the citizens of The United States. He is singularly qualified to identify inefficiencies and present improvements in production, nutrition, and our problematic reliance on petroleum and petro-chemical based fertilizers, for the benefit of food producers and consumers both. As an academic and journalist, Mr. Pollan is free of the type of conflicts of interest rampant in the current administration which have led to abysmal performance and deficient oversight of industry at the expense of the people.

It is our belief that this scholarly approach coupled with his unique ability to synergize and coherently communicate to a wide audience makes Mr. Pollan the best choice for Secretary of Agriculture in an administration whose stated goals include affordable health and healthcare for the citizens of this nation and wholesale change from the practices of the Bush administration.

Please refer to for Mr. Pollan’s full biography and Curriculum Vitae.


The Undersigned


James said...

I think this is a wonderful project, even if Michael says at this moment that he does not want the job.

Advancing a Pollan for Agriculture Secretary movement will shine the light on the enormous problems of the current oil-based, monoculture food industry and the promise of sun-based, smaller-scale, local polyculture farming.

Walter Jeffries said...

If Michael doesn't want to do it I am willing to take on the burden. I will have to do it from my farm here in Vermont part time so as not to interfere with our farming and homeschooling my kids. It is critical that we have leadership that actually is connected to the land and food. In this Internet age surely we can be efficient and handle virtually all business over the web which will save a lot of time and cost for the tax payers.


Sugar Mountain Farm
Pastured Pigs and Sheep
in the mountains of Vermont

PS. You can find much of my biography and Curriculum Vitae at the above web links... :)

agent mule said...

Yes I agree whole heartedly and have attempted to drum a bit of support in my world

Daniel Bowman Simon said...
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Daniel Bowman Simon said...

Please also sign the petition for The White House Organic Farm Project.

Thank you.